Stark Series

The Stark series is suitable for applications requiring very high precision, manufactured with materials that ensure compatibility with the widest range of liquid dosing applications.

It is designed to produce low noise emissions and minimize power consumption. High-precision stroke adjustment via manual and electric actuator. Other design features include a zero-leak profile that offers waterproof construction for dosing toxic, corrosive and other hazardous liquids; It also provides protection against contaminants that can contaminate the pumped liquid.

Flow regulation uses SEKO’s AKTUA system, which replaces the pump’s manual flow adjustment device with an automated system offering remote management.

A mechanical filling system maintains a constant hydraulic fluid level, thus guaranteeing maximum precision and repeatability. It also helps to manage the deformation of the diaphragm, thus extending its life and reducing operational costs.

Ventilation system: The ventilation system, in addition to guaranteeing automatic ventilation during operation, also facilitates the readiness of the pump by supporting the evacuation of air with a manual operation.

Pressure relief valve: protects the pump against unexpected overpressure.

Cartridge valves: To ensure maximum dosing accuracy, even for small flow rates, double and triple ball configurations are available in high precision seats. Metal seals for AISI 316L stainless steel heads and FPM seals for plastic ones guarantee maximum compatibility.


  • Low noise integrated gearbox, worm type, oil bath lubricated
  • Lower energy consumption based on low friction bearings design
  • Micrometric stroke length adjustment manually and/or automatically operated
  • Automatic stroke length change with electric servo motor
  • Easy “on-site” mounting of electrical servo motor to manual stroke adjustment mechanism
  • Capacity range: up to 660 l/h, up to 124 bar
  • Wetted parts: SS 316L, PP, PVDF and PVC
  • Certified ATEX 94/4 / CE II 2 G E IIB T4 (for Zone 1)