Kosmo, SEKO’s newest pump, delivers unmatched performance across a wide variety of flow and pressure media.
It is a series of electric motor-driven pumps with mechanical diaphragm liquid ends and mechanical return, designed for

There are two basic models in the series, MM1 and MM2, which are designed to be compact and durable. It offers excellent performance in an extremely wide range from as low as 3.5 l/h to as high as 2300 l/h. These features make the Kosmo ideal for low discharge pressures, for example for the water treatment industry as well as for clean-in-place applications in the food industry.

With the advantages of the variable eccentric system, it is produced with materials selected for durability and designed for long-term uninterrupted operation.

Kosmo can be used effectively in all the following applications: drinking water treatment (coagulants, flocculation agents, sodium hypochlorite, hydrated lime, acid, bases, caustic soda, activated carbon etc. injection) domestic or industrial wastewater treatment, boiler feed water, reverse osmosis, cooling water; chemical treatment, electrolytic (electroplating) treatments: degreasing agent, cleaning agent, electroplated nickel plating and chemical nickel plating, copper plating, tin plating, etc.

Kosmo MM1

  • Flow rate 3-530 l/h
  • Maximum pressure 12 bar
  • Stroke rate 58/78/116/156 Stroke/min
  • Stroke length 2/4/6.4/7.4MM
  • Diaphragm diameter 65/96/124/140MM
  • Engine 0.25/0.37KW
  • Pump head SS 316L / PVC / PVDF material
  • Max temperature 40℃

Kosmo MM2

  • Flow rate 80 – 2,300 l / s
  • Maximum pressure 10 bar
  • Stroke rate 43/86/131/175 Strokes/min
  • Stroke length 7/8/9/15 MM
  • Diaphragm diameter 124/140/157/179MM
  • Motor 0.55/0.75/1.1KW
  • Pump head SS 316L, PVC, PVDF material
  • Max temperature 40℃