Light Duty Slurry Pump

Similar to the H slurry pumps, but designed for medium to lower slurry gravities and discharge heads. The HL series is offered fully lined with split outer casings.
HL Series slurry pumps maintain the ruggedness and slurry handling capacity of the H Series, but with a larger range of flow-rates and lower life-cycle costs. Higher efficiency impellers make the HL Series an important feature in any cost-conscious hydraulic process stream.
This series are widely used in industries, such as Ball mill discharge Rod mill discharge, Ni acid slurry, Coarse sand, Coarse tailings, Phosphate matrix, Minerals concentrate, Bottom/fly ash, Lime grinding, Oil sands, Mineral sands, Fine tailings, Phosphoric acid, Coal, Flotation, Process chemical, Pulp and paper, FGD, Wastewater

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