Internal Gear Pumps

Internal eccentric gear pumps are versatile pumps that operate on the positive displacement principle. They are excellent for conveying dense fluids such as asphalt, tar, molasses, corn syrup, chocolate. They are also widely preferred for transferring less dense fluids such as ammonia and fuel oil. The main moving components of these pumps include the ring gear and idler gear, making them reliable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. With the ability to operate in both forward and reverse directions, these pumps adapt to a wide range of viscosities and temperatures.

The internal eccentric gear pumps produced in our factory can operate effectively at temperatures up to 370 ºC and offer an outlet pressure of up to 14 bar depending on the density of the liquid. When the pump is running, the peripheral gear transfers the rotational motion it receives from the shaft to the idle gear. With each cycle, the gears separate in the suction section, creating a vacuum, which draws the liquid inwards. The liquid travels through the tooth gaps and a crescent-shaped separator in the pump cover prevents the liquid from returning from the discharge zone to the suction zone. As the gears reconnect in the discharge zone, the reduced volume and pressure pushes the liquid out. With each rotation of the pump shaft, an amount of liquid equal to the volume of the pump is transported. This means that the capacity of the pump is directly related to its size and rotational speed.

Bracket Pump

Internal eccentric gear pumps are categorized into two primary types: bracketed and non-bracketed pumps. The bracket feature allows for the adjustment of the pump’s inlet and outlet mounts to eight distinct positions at 45-degree intervals, facilitating easier installation. This feature also enables the pumps to function durably in harsh conditions due to the more stable support provided to the pump shaft’s bushing. Additionally, the pump’s flow rate can be adjusted upwards or downwards to a specific degree through an adjusting drum located on the bracket. The designation “K” in the naming of our internal eccentric gear pumps indicates the presence of a bracket (e.g., 2” CA signifies a non-bracketed pump, while 2” CAK indicates a bracketed pump).

Clearance Sizes For Pump With Bracket With Bracket Type Internal Gear Pump Spare Parts List
Non-Bracket Pump

Our internal eccentric gear pumps are divided into two key categories: those with brackets and those without. The presence of a bracket allows for the adjustment of the pump’s inlet and outlet fittings to eight separate orientations, spaced at 45-degree intervals, simplifying the installation process. This bracket design also enhances the pump’s durability in demanding environments by ensuring a firmer bushing for the pump shaft. Additionally, the pump’s flow rate can be precisely modified, either increased or decreased, through an adjustment drum located on the bracket. The “K” notation in the names of our internal eccentric gear pumps denotes a model equipped with a bracket (e.g., “2” CA” represents a pump without a bracket, whereas “2” CAK” denotes a model with a bracket).

Clearance Sizes For Pump With Non-Bracket With Non-Bracket Type Internal Gear Pump Spare Parts List
The Pump Variations
Pumps Table
BARlt / rotationlt / minm³ / hrpmkWHPMINMAX.Non-Bracket PumpBracket Pump
1/4″ RL1/4″100,00111,650,115000,550,750,250,752,5
3/8″ M-MK3/8″60,0045,830,3515000,550,750,250,7523
1″ F-FK1″100,01722,51,515001,11,50,551,1713
1″ E-EK1″100,02233215001,11,50,551,1713
1½” D-DC1½”120,052784,715001,11,50,75312,618
2″ CDK2″120,1331338100045,51,57,542
2″ CA-CAK2″140,44200124505,57,537,53354
2½” C-CK2½”140,8537522,54507,5104114090
2½” CB-CBK2½”141,455803540011155,5154897
3″ CBK3″141,455803540011155,5154897
3″ B-BK3″142,18405040011151137135240
4″ BK4″142,18405040011151137135240
6″ AK6″143,8315309240015201145267
6″ AB-ABK6″145,1715519330030402245210270