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What is an air pump, a diaphragm pump?

Air operated diaphragm pumps are driven by compressed air, not an electric motor. Since it does not work with electricity and does not contain any electrical parts, it has an ex-proof feature. It is used for different purposes in many areas of the industry. It should be operated by connecting to a compressor with a capacity suitable for the pump size. Pumps are divided into different classes depending on the energy source they use, the material they are manufactured from, the fluid they pump and their capacity.

How does the air pump work?

Air diaphragm pumps do not need electricity and are driven by compressed air. It is operated by connecting to the air line of a compressor of suitable capacity, depending on the flow capacity of the pump and the pressure values required by the operating conditions. Since electricity is not used, it has an ex-proof feature. Pumps are needed in many areas to transfer and filter fluids or to circulate them in a closed circuit.

What does the pump do?

Pumps have a wide range of uses. Their task is to increase the pressure and total energy of liquids and to give kinetic or potential energy to the fluid inside. In general, pumps are used to convey fluids from one place to another, to raise them higher and to compress the gases and evacuate the gases in closed containers.

Industrial pumps used for fluid transfer are viscous substances that have the main uses such as wastewater, oil, fuel, dosing, acid base. Industrial pumps appear as equipment that does not have a margin of error in production due to their use and tasks. Between NeoTrans open to innovations in industrial pump manufacturers, solution-oriented as a company with high experience in all industrial pumps, auxiliary equipment and systems in the field of experiences, knowledge provides the best services to its customers in the industrial sector. It is moving forward with a Decisively and working structure to be among the pioneers of the sector.

The following is a brief information and headings about the equipment included in the Neotrans industrial pump category.

  1. Air Diaphragm Pumps

Air-driven double diaphragm pumps are described as the most flexible pumps in the industry used for the management of demanding liquids that have low pressure and flow. This style air pump options have an almost unlimited range of applications. The machine is one of the most basic equipment used for chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical and many other industries. Air driven double diaphragm pumps are available in different sizes and with different material options. For prices for air diaphragm pumps you can go to contact.

  • Metallic
  • Non-Metallic
  1. Gear Pump Group

The internal and external design of pumps, the way they work, the liquid they pump, the pumping capacity, the material properties in the product, etc. it is divided into different classes according to factors such as. Gear pumps, which are widely used among pumps, also bring great benefits to users along with their many advantageous features Dec pump models in industrial applications requiring very low capacity and high capacity and are used in a wide range itself is classified into different categories. Gear pumps that work together with different fluids have a long service life, are durable and efficient. Gear pumps are generally preferred over fluids in different sectors such as chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, food, dye, ink industry and petrochemical.

  • Crawler pump

Crawler pumps are used for the transfer of low viscosity fluids such as LPG gas, ammonia, solvents, gasoline, alcohol and fuel oil. The crawler pump is used in the process of air intake or compression.

  • Lobe pump

Lobe pumps generally offer trouble-free use in the transfer processes of low-medium or dense viscosity fluids. They are very popular with their hygiene, high efficiency, safety, corrosion resistance and on-site cleaning properties, as well as their use in various fields such as chemistry, paper, food, soft drinks, pharmaceutical industry.

  • High pressure pump

High pressure pumps have been developed for use in liquid transfers up to a pressure of 30 bar depending on the viscosity of the liquid in industries such as petrochemical, food, marine, chemical, paint.

  • Internal eccentric gear pump

Internal eccentric gear pumps are safe and positive displacement pumps. It is ideal for the transfer of high viscosity fluids such as asphalt, tar, molasses, oil, honey, corn syrup and chocolate. In addition to these uses, it is also used in the transfer of low viscosity liquids such as ammonia and fuel oil. It comes with a multi-purpose use area.

Helical & straight gear pumps can be used for the transfer of low, medium and high viscosity liquids with a wide range of uses. But when using it for the transfer of liquids of high viscosity, the speed must be adjusted accordingly. It is recommended to use it for transfers with a pressure of 20 bar, depending on the viscosity of the liquid. Helical and Spur gear pumps are similar to internally eccentric pumps in that they provide fluid transfer and the gears are intertwined and separated. But in Helical and Spur gear pumps, the gears are identical to each other and rotate mutually.

  1. Process Dosing Pumps
  • Pneumatic Pump

They are products with a maximum working pressure of 100 bar, which have pumps with a volume of 3 cc and 20 cc, which are offered according to the needs with a simplified design. It is a system based on transmitting dry, free-flowing fine and bulk powder materials by means of pipes with a positive or negative airflow in a vertical, horizontal direction.

  • API 675 Electric Pumps

Electric pumps with a positive return piston pump have been developed for use in liquid transfers up to a maximum pressure of 400 bar. they are special pumps used in high pressure applications, the construction of which is suitable for continuous operation for 24 hours, has been designed and is special for heavy industrial applications.

  • Torque Series

The Torque series has been developed for use in liquid transfers with a maximum working pressure of 200 bar.

  • Stark series

The Stark series is manufactured with materials that are compatible with the widest range of liquid dosing applications in accordance with applications that require increased precision. It is designed to produce low noise emissions and reduce power consumption to a minimum. It is waterproof for dosing toxic, corrosive and other dangerous fluids and has a zero leakage profile. It also provides protection against contaminants that may contaminate the pumped liquid

  • Spring Series

It is one of the Spring series entry-level motor-driven dosing pumps in the SEKO group. With three different mechanism sizes and a wide range of models with various performances, it allows the user to reach the appropriate solution for almost all kinds of applications. It is successful in plunge piston and spatial diaphragm measurements and can perform precise dosing even under fluctuating pressure conditions.

  • Kosmo

Kosmo, which comes across as the newest pump of Seko Group, has a unique performance with its ability to be used in a wide range of flow and pressure environments. It is a series of electric motor-driven pumps with mechanical diaphragm fluid tips and mechanical return.

  1. Peristaltic Pump Hoses
  • Lubricant
  • Peristaltic Pump Hoses

5. Side Channel Blower

Blowerler side channel, low pressure air and vacuum providers in large volumes of clean, dry air for applications that require many automation projects, which are most commonly used in industrial equipments and the first area is preferred. As with our other pump products, SEKO group offers a product that provides easy installation, as well as low levels of operating noise in a small and lightweight design, taking into account operational energy savings. The side channel blower range is an effective solution for air displacement in many applications and areas.

6. Barrel pumps

Barrel pumps are a type of pump that is usually used for IBC and barrel evacuation in environments such as businesses, factories or workshops by immersing many chemical products in liquid. Typically, petrochemical, refinery, food, marine, pharmaceutical, acid filling stations in areas such as petrochemical liquids, sewage water, drinks, gas, kerosene, oil, paint, acid, caustic, solvent, additives, diesel, and some low-viscosity fluids are used to transfer. It consists of two components: a pump and an electric motor. The pump part, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, PP, PVDF, PTFE Material can be selected according to the type of liquid that is planned to be discharged. The engine part is selected to be Ex-Proof, constant speed or variable speed according to the working environment. Since not all purchased fluids are used at once, barrel pumps are used during application. The required amount is stored in storage areas after receipt and use.

7. Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are mainly used for the transfer of hot oil, hot and cold water. Homes with combi boilers hot water to the radiator when sending fuel to the gas station and filling the vehicles in all kinds of industrial plants, water, chemical, oil, drinks, etc. of fluids a transfer pumps are used. These pumps, which increase the pressure and energy of liquids and enable them to move in all kinds of open or closed systems, differ according to the process in which they are used. In these areas of use, one of the most common models we come across in industrial applications is centrifugal pump types. The type of liquids; viscosity, density, chemical content and some other characteristics such as flow rate of the system, design criteria such as pressure height also play a big role in pump selection.

In the first Dec, our R & D studies related to our Centrifugal Pumps, which we manufacture in 2 types, continue in accordance with the demands and requests of our customers. The suction mouth of the pumps is horizontal-axis, the discharge mouth is vertical-axis, and it has the form of closed radial impeller, horizontal shaft, mechanical seal.

8. Control and Measurement Instruments

In many applications in the field of treatment plants and industry, control and measurement instruments are actively used to ensure that water quality is always the best, to balance the variables affecting quality, to monitor measurement and dosing systems with the highest accuracy.

SEKO Controllers are designed to work in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is specially designed to adapt to a wide range of individual applications and can be used in different performance classes, providing easy integration into any processing environment. In addition to measurement and analysis controls, photometric products, sensors and probes are also included in our range. These products, which produce analytical solutions and are specially designed, are divided into different types according to their usage areas and the structure of the fluid. We can list the contor and measuring instruments as follows.

  • Flow Meter
  • Sampling Devices
  • Level Measuring Devices
  • Analytical Measuring Instruments

Wilden Backups

Wilden type pumps are a model prepared for high pressure applications that can work without plugging and freezing with a wide choice of materials with energy-saving air distribution technology. As a NeoTrans within these models, you can We provide our customers with Wilden type air pump spare parts supply.

Wilden Type pumps

  • Air-Driven Double Diaphragm Air Pump backups with Metal Body (Aluminum, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Alloy C)
  • Air-Driven Double Diaphragm Air Pump refills with Plastic Housing (PVDF, Polypropylene)
  • High Pressure Air Pump backups with Metal Body
  • Plastic Magnetic Clutch Centrifugal Air Pump Refills

We are faced with a variety of. Alcohol, increasing chemicals, acid/ alkali / chemical, paint and pigment, drainage applications, petroleum derived liquids, ceramic mud, glaze, oil and solvent transfer are some of the applications in which various fields are used.

Compatible ARO® Pump Spare Parts

ARO® piston pumps are capable of being used to transport various viscous fluids. A piston pump is a so-called positive displacement pump that uses it to transport fluid from a cylindrical area. Large pressure ratios and displacement rates when there is the option of the ARO® diaphragm and piston pumps and spare parts for, a series piston pump package to meet your specific application needs of the customers. There are piston pump packages offered in multiple configurations, including pump part, single-body, two-body and heavy-duty two-body, according to the type of liquid that is planned to be discharged.

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