Wilden® Yedek Pompa Parçaları

Pump Parts that fit Wilden®

In 1955, WILDEN PUMP became one of the pioneering companies in its field by developing diaphragm pumps operating with compressed air for the first time and has been the leader in the market of air driven double diaphragm pumps since the early days. Since 1998, it has been rising within the Dover Group in a position that distinguishes it from its competitors in terms of product diversity and technology. Neotrans has been working with leading companies and manufacturers since its establishment. Neotrans offers its customers appropriate equipment, products, pump and spare parts support, after-sales support, engineering services, procurement and installation process, etc. in line with their needs.

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You can find many Wilden brand spare parts such as diaphragms, housings, balls, pistons, gaskets, air valves, O-rings, hardware, clamp bands, silencers and repair kits for Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps at Neotrans.

Wilden Type pumps and spare parts support are offered to the user in line with the needs and according to different usage areas. One of the most important features of Wilden Type pumps is the model that works successfully in high pressure applications without sticking or freezing with its energy-saving air distribution technology and wide range of material options.

Wilden Type pumps are divided into four main types as Metal Casing Air Driven Double Diaphragm Pumps, Plastic Casing Air Driven Double Diaphragm Pumps, Metal Casing High Pressure Pumps, Plastic Magnetic Clutch Centrifugal Pumps. There are also Wilden Type pumps and spare parts that are used in different areas such as food applications and mining applications.

Wilden Type pumps and spare parts are generally used in various applications such as: alcohol, chemical treatment, acid / alkali / chemical, paint and pigment, drainage applications, petroleum derivative liquids, ceramic sludge, glaze, oil and solvent transfer.