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Pump Parts that fit Aro®

Aro® first launched its air operated double diaphragm pump product in the eighties in Bryan Ohio (United States). Today, ARO® is part of Ingersoll Rand Corp. and one of the major AODD Pump brands.

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ARO® air-operated diaphragm pumps are capable of handling a variety of viscous fluids and provide non-stop, ice-free operation. The unbalanced air valve design avoids stalling problems associated with other pumps. Quick purge exhaust valves divert cold exhaust air away from ice-prone components and prevent freezing. Piston pump packages are available in multiple configurations, including pump section, single casing, double casing or heavy-duty double casing, depending on the type of liquid to be discharged.

ARO® diaphragm pumps are a good choice for industrial and chemical applications due to their cost-effective, reliable construction. The bolted, sealed construction eliminates cross-contamination and increases operator safety. Modular construction, reduced number of parts and easy-to-use repair kits minimize product repair time when necessary.

Neotrans offers you reliable and high quality products with spare parts that are compatible with double diaphragm (AODD) pumps. Neotrans® is the address where you can access Aro spare parts such as valve balls, valve seats, diaphragms, gaskets, gaskets, clamp bands, silencers, pistons and valve rings, as well as providing spare product support for many parts according to your preference.

In case of any malfunction or maintenance in Diaphragm Pumps, you can choose products suitable for the Aro brand individually on the Neotrans site, as well as from the Aro Service Kits section; You can access the service / repair kit that includes screws, gaskets and many ring types together. The service kits are available in two types: a wet kit for the wet side of your pneumatic double diaphragm pump and a kit for the maintenance and repair of the air side of your air operated double diaphragm pump. Since there will be different products in these two kits, you should make a choice by considering what products you need and in which area you will use them.

In addition to Aro Service Kits, you can also find Aro gaskets, Aro rings, Aro valve balls, aro valve seats, aro hardware and aro diaphragms if you want to buy individual products. However, it should be considered that each industry uses pumps in different areas and the Aro spare parts to be used in this area will vary. Depending on your specific application requirements such as chemical compatibility, temperature, sealing capacity, Neotrans offers quality materials and products such as Santoprene, Hytrel, N-fit, PTFE, Neoprene, which are the most widely used and preferred pump parts.