NP96476-T ARO Diaphragm PTFE

NP96476-T parts fit aro pumps PTFE diaphragm

OEM No.:96476-T

Material: PTFE

637433-44 Material-Reparatursatz umfaßt:

4x 94103-T PTFE Kugel
2x 96476-T PTFE Diaphragm
2x 96477-A Santoprene Diaphragm
2x Y328-210 PTFE O-ring
4x Y328-350 PTFE O-ring
1x Y330-117 Buna O-ring
2x 94631 Santoprene Cushion
93706-1 Key-Lube-Schmiermittel
Completely interchangeable with ARO pump parts
ARO® is a registered trade mark of Ingersoll Rand Company.
Neotrans® offers parts that fit ARO products, but they are not genuine ARO parts.

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