Warman Pompa Parçaları

Pump Parts that fit Warman®

When you need a slurry (slurry) pump for mining, chemical and industrial applications, you can contact Neotrans.
You can supply Warman ® mud pump compatible pumps and spare parts from our company.

From horizontal and vertical slurry pumps designed for heavy-duty applications, including sludge transfer and waste treatment, to submersible, horizontal dewatering and axial flow pumps, there are pump options to suit your needs.

Mud Pumps increase the fluidity of the liquid thanks to the mixer mounted on the pump shaft and allow the sludge to be transferred.

It is used in the discharge of muddy water in the form of slurry, especially in mines and marble quarries, septic tanks, tunnel works, dam works, sandy areas, and discharge of liquids with a density of 5kg/m³ to 2.5kg/m³.