Internal eccentric gear pumps are positive displacement pumps and have multi-purpose usage areas. They are ideal for transferring high viscosity fluids such as asphalt, tar, molasses, corn syrup and chocolate. In addition, they are frequently used in the transfer of low-viscosity liquids such as ammonia and fuel oil. Internal eccentric gear pumps have two basic moving parts: peripheral gear and idler gear. Therefore, they are safe, have a long service life and are easy to maintain. These pumps, which have the feature of working in both directions, have a wide temperature range in addition to a wide viscosity range. Internal eccentric gear pumps that we manufacture can be used in liquids with a temperature of up to 370 ºC and their output pressure is maximum 14 bar depending on the viscosity of the liquid. During the operation of the pump, the peripheral gear transmits the rotational movement it receives from the pump shaft to the idler gear. In each revolution of the pump, the gears separate from each other at the suction port, creating a vacuum and the liquid flows into the pump. As the liquid moves between the tooth cavities, the crescent on the pump cover separates the liquid and prevents it from flowing from the discharge nozzle to the suction nozzle. When the gears mesh again in the discharge port, the volume becomes smaller and the liquid is pushed out with the pressure created. In each rotation of the pump shaft, as much liquid as the volume of the pump is transferred. Therefore, the capacity of the pump is directly proportional to its size and revolution. The letter “K” used in the naming of our Internal Eccentric Gear Pumps means that the pump is cantilevered. (Ex: 2”CA = Pump without cantilever, 2” CAK = Pump with cantilever)

BARlt / rotationlt / minm³ / hrpmkWHPMINMAX.Non-Bracket PumpBracket Pump
1/4″ RL1/4″100,00111,650,115000,550,750,250,752,5
3/8″ M-MK3/8″60,0045,830,3515000,550,750,250,7523
1″ F-FK1″100,01722,51,515001,11,50,551,1713
1″ E-EK1″100,02233215001,11,50,551,1713
1½” D-DC1½”120,052784,715001,11,50,75312,618
2″ CDK2″120,1331338100045,51,57,542
2″ CA-CAK2″140,44200124505,57,537,53354
2½” C-CK2½”140,8537522,54507,5104114090
2½” CB-CBK2½”141,455803540011155,5154897
3″ CBK3″141,455803540011155,5154897
3″ B-BK3″142,18405040011151137135240
4″ BK4″142,18405040011151137135240
6″ AK6″143,8315309240015201145267
6″ AB-ABK6″145,1715519330030402245210270