High-pressure pumps are used for liquid transfers up to 30 bar pressure depending on the viscosity of the liquid. These pumps are positive displacement and consist of two moving parts. The pump shaft transmits the circular motion it receives from the motor to the gear (Returning Gear) on the shaft. The gears are separated from each other at the suction mouth and a vacuum is created while the gear is transmitting its motion in the opposite direction to the gear being turned. Thanks to the vacuum created, the pump absorbs a certain amount of liquid. The liquid drawn into the pump moves towards the discharge port in the tooth cavities. At the discharge port, the gears are intertwined, creating pressure and allowing the liquid to be ejected. During this process, the pump generates a pressure depending on the counter resistance of the system. For each revolution of the pump shaft, a liquid equal to the volume of the pump is transferred. For this reason, the capacity of the pump is directly proportional to its size and revolution.

HIGH PRESSUREYB 0.5¾”300,01420,31,2515000,7510,252,28
YB 11″- 3/4″300,027402,415005,57,51,57,514
YB 21¼”- 1″300,0831257,51500111531128