Helical & Spur gear pumps are similar to internal eccentric pumps in that the gears are engaged and separated to provide fluid transfer. However, in these pumps, the gears are identical and rotate reciprocally. Helical & Spur gear pumps can be used to transfer low, medium and high viscosity liquids. However, for high viscosity liquids, the speed must be adjusted accordingly. Depending on the viscosity of the liquid, they can be used in transfers with a pressure of 20 bar. A more reliable and controlled fluid flow is ensured due to their narrow internal spaces. Therefore; It is suitable for sensitive transfers and metered uses involving polymers, fuels and chemical additives. During the operation of the pump, the pump shaft transmits the circular motion it receives from the motor to the gear (Returning Gear) on the shaft. The gears are separated from each other and a vacuum is created at the suction port of the pump, while the rotating gear transmits its movement in the opposite direction to the rotated gear. Thanks to the vacuum created, the pump absorbs a certain amount of liquid. The liquid drawn into the pump moves towards the discharge port between the teeth and the body in the tooth cavities. The fluid does not pass between the gears. The gears in the discharge mouth are intertwined, creating pressure and allowing the liquid to be ejected. For each revolution of the pump shaft, as much liquid as the volume of the pump is transferred. For this reason, the capacity of the pump is directly proportional to its size and revolution.

Helical & Spur Gear1¼” XLAK1¼”200,04770,5415001,11,50,75414
1″ XLAK1″200,061992,855,515002,231,1415
1½” XLAK1½”200,143214,512,81500342,27,521
1½” XLA1½”200,2263392015005,57,52,21127
2″ XLCB2″140,4444026,410005,57,55,51570
2½” XLA2½”151,04468284505,57,55,51570
2½” XLADB2½”151,04468284505,57,55,51585
2½” XLADBT2½”151,04468284505,57,55,515100
3″ XL3″152,229996045015201122105
4″ XL4″152,229996045015201122105
4″ XLDB4″152,229996045015201122125
4″ XLDBT4″152,229996045015201122140
8″ XLC8″157,52250135300304018,5110760
10″ XL10″1511,729251752507510235130750