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Asit pompası asidik özelliğe sahip olan bir sıvının bir yerden başka yere aktarılmasını ya da sirküle edilmesini sağlayan pompa türüdür. Asit pompa olarak adlandırılmasının nedeni, mekanik tasarımının ve malzeme seçiminin kullanılan aside uygun şekilde yapılmasıdır. Asitlerin aşındırıcı bir etkisi olduğundan, pompa içerisindeki geçiş sırasında asidin temas ettiği yerlerde asite karşı dirençli olan malzemelerin kullanılması gerekir. Özellikle kimya sanayisinde kullanılan “asit pompaları” santrifüj özelliği bulunması ve elektrikli motoru sayesinde yüksek kapasiteye kadar tehlikeleri sıvıların transferlerini yapabilmektedir.

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Acid Centrifugal pump is generally made of thermoplastic material and provides rapid transfer of liquids. In addition, centrifugal pump is one of the electric motor pump types used in processes, varying according to their capacity. Magnetic pumps are one of the important options in acidic liquid applications. Thanks to the fan surrounded by the magnet installed in the magnetic pumps, hazardous fluids can be transferred by creating magnetic force. Acid pumps are preferred in cases where the fluid is sensitive and acidic. Considering the fluid type and chemical resistance, the most suitable acid pump is selected.

Usage areas of Acid Pumps

Acid pumps are used in the chemical industry and in processes where fluid transfer with hazardous fluids is required. Usage areas of acid pumps:

  • Acids and bases especially NaOH; liquids containing sodium hydroxide or caustic),
  • Tankers carrying all kinds of chemical liquids,
  • Raw materials used in pharmaceutical production,
  • All kinds of solvents,
  • In sea water or salt water pumping,
  • In the transfer of ultrapure water,
  • Chemicals used in treatment facilities,
  • In the process of cleaning injection molds,
  • Transfer, circulation or filtration of all kinds of liquids with corrosive effects,
  • It transfers all kinds of fluids according to viscosity.
  • Acid pumps should primarily be used for aggressive and corrosive liquid transfers.

Acid Pump Types

Acid pumps are divided into different categories depending on their working patterns. Acid pump types, almost all of which have body materials made of thermoplastic material, can operate with shaft seals or magnetic couplings. In addition, there are also immersion type pump types of acid pumps.

Due to the need to use additional sealing elements in shaft seal acid pump models, there are leakage problems arising from this. Magnetic coupling acid centrifugal type pumps have no risk of leakage and are considered a much better and advantageous alternative acid pump type compared to shaft seal models. Magnetic coupling acid pumps have the feature of preventing leakage and emissions thanks to their special leak-proof design. It is therefore well-suited for pumping corrosive, hazardous liquids and chemicals.

These acid pumps, which have a simple structure, are very economical in terms of repair and spare parts costs. With the action of the external magnet placed on the drive shaft of the acid transfer pump, it conveys the fluid to the internal magnet connected to the impeller, which rotates it through the pump and enables it to move. Thus, liquid and fluid transfer is made.

Plastic Acid Pump

Acid pumps are generally used in industries that are considered dangerous. The substances in areas where pumps are used are generally liquids that cause wear. Plastic acid pumps are also used in almost every chemical process that uses corrosive liquids.

The most important and prominent feature of the plastic acid pump is that it has materials that are resistant to acidic substances. In order to transport corrosive acids, the materials inside the pump must be resistant and withstand this force. Acid pumps differ greatly compared to other pump types with their durability, resistance and difference in usage area.

Another distinguishing feature of plastic acid pumps is that they have air and water tightness. It is very reliable in terms of air and water tightness. The acids inside the pump do not come into contact with the outside air, thus safely fulfilling the most important requirement for the healthy operation of the system. Plastic acid pumps ensure that the acid in the system is transported in the best way by not coming into contact with the outside air.

Plastic acid pump is one of the preferred pump types used in water transportation and dosing operations, especially in industrial areas, water treatment and pool systems. Plastic acid pumps are generally used in medical and agricultural drug production, chemical processes, water purification systems, etc. It is used in areas.

Plastic Acid Pump Usage Areas

Plastic acid pump is mostly used in medical and agricultural pesticide production. The transfer of acidic or basic substances used as raw materials of drugs is provided by plastic acid pumps. Additionally, plastic acid pumps can be used in tankers carrying chemical liquids. By using a plastic acid pump, transportation of hazardous liquids becomes much easier. One of the areas of use of plastic acid pumps is water purification systems. Large-scale or small-capacity water treatment systems require the use of plastic acid pumps. Plastic acid pumps are also used in the cleaning process of many injection molds.

Acid Pump Prices

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When buying an Acid Pump, pay attention to the quality and price of the product. You will come across different products and prices depending on their usage areas. While you want to buy the most affordable product, do not compromise on quality. Strive to buy quality, good products at the best price. Neotrans provides service with our support before and after sales in order to offer you, our valued customers, the best products at the most affordable prices.